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Based in the small coastal township of Kiama we run a grass roots shark spotting program designed to provide continuous coverage of a swimming or surfing area. 

Our blimp mounted camera system provides a high definition aerial view to observers. We aim to provide adequate warning to beach users when sharks and other hazards are present in their vicinity.


 The program is supported by the Save Our Seas Foundation, the University of Wollongong, Kiama Municipal Council and has received funding from the Department of Primary Industries.

  Our Mission Statement

“We are committed to improving the safety of beach users by facilitating the continuous detection, monitoring, and study of ocean hazards including sharks and rips.”

Our Team

Kye Adams - Project Leader

Kye is a surfer, professional lifeguard and marine scientist.

Martin Hing - Marine technician

Martin is a marine scientist and commercial diver.

Shannon Wood- Engineer

Shannon is a engineer with a background in designing and testing search and rescue drones.



Up to 8 hours coverage of a single beach, maintaining constant live video feed.


Advertising space on our blimps offers the opportunity to cover running costs.


Unlike traditional shark mitigation strategies, our airship has zero by-catch of marine animals.


Surf Beach from the blimp
Surf Beach from the blimp
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Project AIRSHIP blimp
Project AIRSHIP blimp
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Field Trials
Field Trials
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